• I Feel Dizzy

    I Feel Dizzy

    Ask yourself these questions

    •  Do I experience loss of balance or a light headed or faint feeling when I stand up?

    •  Do I have a fear of falling that restricts my activity?

    •  Have I had a fall or near fall in the past year?


    If you answered YES, it may be time to get a balance test.


    You are not alone

    Over 40 million Americans suffer from dizziness and other related symptoms at some point in their life. 50% of these Americans who seek primary care do not get a proper diagnosis when they describe their dizzy feelings. But with the right help, we can get you back to stability in no time! The first step to diagnosis is to determine if the problem is in your ears, your brain, or a combination of the two. It is frustrating to not have a reason why you are feeling dizzy, even if it is for a short amount of time.




    What is a balance disorder?

    Anytime you feel unsteady, giddy, woozy or have a sensation of movement, spinning or floating you may be susceptible to a balance disorder. There is a small organ in your inner ear that is an important part in our balance system. This organ interacts with your eyes, ears and bones and body to maintain the body’s stability. Any malfunction with these organs could be the reason for your balance problems.


    The other day, I was speaking with Dr. Erica Mears at Midwest Hearing Aids about her work with dizziness patients, I was amazed when she told me,


    “Many people think they have to live with their dizziness.  I’ve been able to help a lot of my patients with simple treatment – the result is getting them to feeling 100% again.”

    Why balance testing?

    As stated before, the problem could be with your ears, your brain, or a combination of the two. The conflicting information from your ears to your brain can result in symptoms of dizziness or disequilibrium. With these symptoms, you are more likely to fall because the brain struggles to process unexpected information. Balance tests helps isolate and pinpoint the problem so you can be adequately diagnosed and rehabilitated sooner.


    Who can benefit from a balance assessment?

    •  Folks who have a fear of falling or degenerative neurological conditions

    •  A close head injury from concussive events such as contact sports or auto accidents

    •  Ototoxic reactions from chemotherapy or antibiotics

    •  Other pathologies like a stroke or migraines


    “If you fit any of these categories, I would recommend a full balance evaluation to pinpoint the location of the issue,”

    says Dr. Erica Mears.


    The next step

    Contact one of our offices that specializes in Dizziness and Balance for more information.


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