The Hearing Test - What To Expect

First of all, selecting a hearing professional to perform your hearing test is very important. You need to be sure to select a professional with experience. Furthermore, they need to specialize in hearing aids.

In fact, who you place your trust in is of the utmost importance. Whether you choose to see a licensed hearing specialist or an audiologist, you want to have a comprehensive hearing evaluation. All in all, you need a precise measurement of your hearing.

•  Think about it…you go to a big box store like Sam’s or Costco to buy bulk groceries…not hearing aids.

•  You go to the drug store to purchase prescriptions…not hearing aids.

•  You go on the internet to possibly read the news or look at funny pictures on social media…not to order hearing amplifiers.

•  By the same token, it just makes sense to go to a Hearing Aid Specialist when it comes to your hearing needs.

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History and Otoscopy

During your first appointment, your specialist will discuss your background Information. In addition, they will ask several questions such as:

•  Have you ever had any ear surgery?

•  Do you have pain in your ears?

•  Is it harder to hear on one side more than the other?

•  Do you find it necessary to have your doctor remove wax from your ears?

After the Specialist has completed their questions, they will look into your ears with an otoscope. In short, this gives them a view into your ear canal.  Among other things, they are looking for excessive wax. Wax blockages may be preventing you from hearing at an optimum level.

The Hearing Test

Your hearing test will consist of several pieces of equipment. By in large, the main pieces are a sound booth, head phones and an audiometer.

Your specialist will give you specific instructions on what to do. At this point, you will have a series of tones. These tones are played at different frequencies. Also, there will be varying intensity levels. As result, these tones are used to measure your hearing thresholds.

In general, these are some of the measurements tested.

•  MCL (Most Comfortable Listening Level)

•  UCL (Uncomfortable Listening Level)

•  SRT (Speech Reception Threshold) among others.

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Hearing Test Results And Available Options

Your Hearing Test Results

Now that your hearing test is completed, it’s time for your results. Your specialist should explain your hearing test results. As well as if you have a treatable hearing loss or not.

Available Hearing Aid Options

If you have a treatable hearing loss then your specialist will explain the available options. In other words, these options will take into account the style and technology level to best suit your hearing needs.

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