Many People Suffer From Hearing Loss

You're not alone.

Hearing loss is the third most common condition in older Americans. Also it’s probably one of the most treatable conditions. Furthermore, 50% of adults 75 years and older have hearing impairments.

Most noteworthy, your hearing health can have a direct effect on your overall health and well-being. As a result, it has been tied to many conditions/risk factors that you should be aware of.

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hearing loss

Conditions and Risk Factors That May Be Tied To Hearing Loss

• Brain Function

• Cardiovascular Disease

• Hypertension

• Depression

• Diabetes

• Safety/Balance

• Obesity

• Dementia

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do i have hearing loss

Do I have a hearing loss?

Have you considered that maybe, just maybe you are the ONE in FIVE Americans over the age of 12 who has a hearing loss that is considered severe enough to interfere with daily communications?

It’s true, as we age, the ratios are even less in our favor. Consequently, ONE in THREE adults over the age of 60 have hearing impairments.

Where do you get help for hearing loss? We recommend contacting a professional hearing specialist. You can schedule a hearing test and consultation.  A hearing test will be your first step to see if there is any hearing loss. The results of your test will be explained to you. Also you will learn of the available solutions and styles of hearing aids available for your hearing needs. It is just that simple.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

Do I ask others to repeat themselves?

It is a problem for me to hear on the telephone?

Do I find myself straining to understand conversations?

Do people complain that I turn the TV volume up too loud?

Does it feel like people seem to mumble or not speak clearly?

Do others get annoyed because I misunderstand them?

Do I occasionally misunderstand what other people say?

Are my family/friends telling me I have a hearing loss?

Finally, it may be a good idea to have your hearing tested by a professional hearing specialist if you answered “Yes” to two or more of these questions.

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