Our People Make The Difference

We understand that when it comes to your hearing needs, you wish for a hearing aid specialist to walk with you through your journey and explain your hearing loss and your options.

Our Doctors, Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists do just that. Our roots are in Kansas. We live, raise our children, work and play in the communities of Kansas. We treat our customers like we would our own family.

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Meet Our Team

chris spencer

Chris Spencer

Ron Brewster Hearing Aid Specialist

Ron Brewster

Dan Miller Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Dan Miller

Tammy Miller Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Tammy Miller

Ed Clausen Audiologist

Ed Clausen

Brendan Wright Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Brendan Wright

Seth Maixner Audiologist

Seth Maixner

Debbie Sumner Hearing Aid Specialist

Debbie Sumner

Dave Freeman Hearing Aid Specialist

Dave Freeman

Gina Perry Hearing Aid Specialist

Gina Perry

Joy Holtzman Hearing Aid Office Manager

Joy Holtzman

Angela Logsdon Hearing Aid Specialist

Angela Logsdon

Dr. Zack Miller AuD Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Zack Miller

Jamie Minor Hearing Aid Specialist

Jamie Minor

Debbie Emerson Hearing Aid Specialist

Debbie Emerson

Jaime Harms Hearing Aid Specialist

Jaime Harms

Dr. Erica Mears AuD Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Erica Mears

Josh Brewster Hearing Aid Specialist

Josh Brewster

Christine Yavornitzki Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

Christine Yavornitzki

Cindy Harper Hearing Aid Office Manager

Cindy Harper


Destiny Lanham

Dustin Cheney Hearing Aid Specialist

Dustin Cheney

Heather Shephard Hearing Aid Specialist

Heather Shepherd

Lori Shinkle hearing aid specialist

Lori Shinkle