You’re Invited to join us for our first-ever Hearing Aid Customer Appreciation Event!

We are excited to announce that we are hosting our first ever Hearing Aid Customer Appreciation Event in January and February.

The team at Midwest Hearing Aids appreciates all of our customers and their loyalty. So, we want to show you with this special event.

You will want to be sure to call and schedule a time to visit your specialist.

hearing aid customer appreciation

During Your Appointment, You Will Receive:

• A new, updated hearing test and afterwards, if necessary, an adjustment to your current programming

• Pick up your Free Hearing Aid Batteries

• Hearing aid clean coupled with a check to ensure your aids are working properly.

• Otoscopy of your ears. Are you having problems hearing due to wax in your ears?

• If your hearing aids are 5 years old or older, then it’s time to learn about the new, ground-breaking advancements. For this reason, the new hearing aid technology can help you hear even better.

• Finally, find out if you qualify for a FREE CaptionCall telephone. In summary, it amplifies and captions your phone conversations.

Above all, we will be offering special incentives during our Hearing Aid Customer Appreciation Event. As a result, you will be offered discounts ranging from $200 to $2000 off a pair of NEW, high-technology hearing devices.

Contact the office nearest you without delay to set up your appointment time.