Free Hearing Test

We offer a free hearing test, please call to make an appointment. There is no obligation, and our highly trained and friendly professionals can discuss the results of your evaluation so you will know what options you might want to consider.

If you or a loved one are wondering about their hearing, there is probably a good reason. A decrease in hearing ability affects people differently, and the only way to find out about your hearing is to visit a professional and let them evaluate you.

Not sure? Answer our Hearing Self Evaluation questions below.

free hearing test

Hearing Self Evaluation

I have to ask people to repeat themselves. ______

I have a problem hearing over the telephone. ______

I have to strain to understand conversations. ______

People complain that I turn the TV volume too high. ______

I have trouble hearing conversations in a noisy background. ______

Many people I talk to seem to mumble or don’t speak clearly. ______

People get annoyed because I misunderstand what they say. ______

I misunderstand what others are saying and make inappropriate responses. ______

If you answered, “Yes” to two or more of these problems, it is recommended that you schedule a free hearing test with a professional.

free hearing test
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  • We Offer A No-Obligation, FREE Hearing Test And Consultation

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