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Choosing The Best Hearing Aid...For You

Are you comparing apples to apples when thinking about choosing the best hearing aid? All things considered, your hearing needs are unique. So, there are several options to consider when choosing the best hearing aid for you.

Your professional hearing specialist can help you make the right decision. After all, hearing aids are not all created equally. But first, you will need to review a few steps to make a good decision.

Step 1 - The Hearing Test

In short, the most important step to get started is to contact a trusted Hearing Specialist. Ask them to schedule a complete hearing test for you.

Your hearing should be tested by Air Conduction and a Bone Conduction test.

These tests will first determine what type of hearing loss you have. They also show the levels of loss across several different frequencies. You can learn more about the hearing test here.

hearing test

Step 2 - Selecting The Right Style of Hearing Aids - There Are Two Main Styles


Your specialist will review the results of your hearing test with you. After that, they will be able to recommend the best hearing aid style for you. There are two rather different styles. Custom Hearing Aids and Behind the Ear Hearing Aids.

Custom Hearing Aids

Hearing aids that are custom fit to your individual ear canals. In fact, we specialize in custom hearing aids. We take an ear impressions then create a unique mold of your ear.

Consequently, this creates a more comfortable, form fitting hearing aid. It is truly unique for you.

Behind the Ear Hearing Aids

In effect, these hearing aids sit behind your ear. Additionally, a tube or small wire wraps around the front of your ear and into your ear canal.

Step 3 - Deciding On The Right Level Of Technology

Several levels of technology go into the hearing aid you choose. Consequently, the higher the technology, the better, more natural sounding the hearing. Therefore, consider several things before selecting the level of technology. Such as, you will need to consider the capabilities you wish to have built in to your hearing aids.

•  Background Noise Reduction

•  Fitness Tracking

•  Fall Detection

•  iPhone Compatibility

•  Streaming

Above all, it’s really important to consider your Lifestyle when deciding on a technology level. Are you very active? Maybe you lead more of a sedentary type of lifestyle. As a result, the more active you are, the higher technology levels will be more accommodating to your hearing needs. Find out how much hearing aids cost here.

fitness tracking
hearing aid accessories

Step 4 - Hearing Aid Accessories

Given that there are several accessories available, you may or may not need all of them. Such as, select styles and technology levels of hearing aids work better with different accessories. In essence, it is best to discuss the options needed with your specialist. They can recommend the appropriate solution for you.

•  Remote Control

•  Remote Microphone

•  Streaming Device for the Television

•  CaptionCall Telephone

Step 5 - Work With A Local, Reputable Company

Finally, selecting the best hearing aid is an important decision.

Be sure you work with a local, reputable company. One that you can rely on to help your hearing needs. One that will be there for service when you need it.

And finally, by all means, support your hometown and buy local, American Made Products.

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